St Mary’s C of E (VA) Primary School


Our vision for St Mary’s is to ‘Aspire for Excellence within a Christian Learning Environment’ and we live this ethos within the school each and every day. Our wonderful children are accepting of others, adopt our values of care, respect and self-control and enjoy being active members of the school and wider community. The dedicated staff and governors appreciate that everyone is an individual and we work hard to create an environment where all children are nurtured, not only in their academic life, but also in their personal, social and emotional development.

At St Mary’s we work as a team to provide all children with learning experiences that they find exciting, challenging and will remember for the rest of their lives. We promote a ‘growth mindset’ for pupils and adults and embrace every opportunity to take positive steps forward in everything that we do. We aim to provide opportunities that inspire and motivate pupils and lead them to take pride in every aspect of school life. Our standards are set high for all our children so that they develop a love of learning that extends beyond the school and shapes their future life positively.

Success and effort is celebrated and acknowledged, so that everyone takes pride in what they achieve. We also recognise the contribution that parents and carers make in developing their children’s learning and appreciate the strong relationship we have developed with them.